Event Rules

Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam REMIX does not tolerate any kind of conflict or abuse, whether in person or online. Fan Jam is hosted as a safe & family friendly event for all that wish to attend and will not allow access to those who wish to disrupt the event in any sort. Anyone who violates the rules or is shown to cause trouble will swiftly be escorted off the premise. Our plan every year in the past is to provide a safe and fun event for all to enjoy and will continue to make sure that it is always a top priority.

1.    Masks are MANDATORY before entering the following rooms provided for Fan Jam (Cole, Sanford, Lyons, Break J). Multiple Offenses will result in your Sonic and SEGA Fan Jam REMIX badge being revoked with no opportunity for refund.
2.    Please treat other attendees, guest, staff and all event equipment with respect.
3. No outside food or drinks
4.    Do not take any photos or videos of the guests without their consent.
5.    Do not move or damage consoles, controllers, games, or other equipment in the SEGA Game Room (Room J), if you need assistance, please ask the room staff.
6.    Sharing is caring, be mindful of other attendees playing video games
7.    Please wash or sanitize hands before playing video games and entering the rooms.
8.    Do not be rude or disruptive during panels.
9.    Enjoy yourselves and play SEGA games!

COVID-19 Policies

For the in-person convention, Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam will not be providing COVID-19 testing kits or testing facilities of any kind. To ensure the health and safety of our guests and attendees, everyone over 2 years attending Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam REMIX will be required to wear an approved face covering regardless of vaccination status unless actively eating or drinking or presenting on stage. In addition, hand sanitizing stations and mask will be provided. All face covering must fit properly and snugly, must secure under your chin, and fully cover your nose and mouth.

Not permitted
•    Face coverings that are not able to be secured under your chin, including bandanas or scarves.
•    Neck gaiters
•    Mesh face coverings.
•    Face coverings that have exhalation valves.
•    Damaged/torn face coverings
Failure to comply can result in you being removed from the convention without a refund!
You’re attending at your own risk. Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam REMIX is not responsible if you contract COVID during the event.

If you have questions or need clarification on our COVID policies, please email us @ ssfanjamremix@gmail.com